Sunday, January 09, 2011

When your a MOM even neck & back pain can't get you down!

4 days ago..YES you read that right...4 DAYS ago, my neck started hurting a bit, quickly the pain went into my shoulder and by the afternoon I was in so much pain I couldn't move my head or neck unless I turned at the waist.
I don't know about you but death bed wouldn't be a good excuse for me as a mom and wife to be resting. Someone ALWAYS needs something they can't get on their own, help doing something, or FOOD!

"Mommy, isn't feeling good, I am REALLY hurting, "

"WELL MOM, do you remember when I HURT my knee and the next day it was even worst? Well, I think you should just get everything done today cause' you know that it will be worst tomorrow."
SURE ENOUGH "TOMORROW" mama couldn't pick her head up to get out of bed, BUT

The dog needed to be walked, boys needed breakfast, and laundry was piling up!

A tube of icyhot later and I was STILL in so much pain that when hubby got home, I WENT TO BED...yeah 5:30 and this MAMA was OUT LIKE A LIGHT! I NEVER go to bed before 11...NEVER. not only did I GO to bed, I SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG!!

icehot just wasn't cutting it any longer. heat packs, moist heat, ice, Motrin...still in tons of pain~

so tonight this mama went to the store and got TIGERBALM and a bottle of wine...

CAN I TELL YOU THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!!!! relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the pain isn't GONE, but i can deal with it!! and it only took the TINIEST little amount to make me feel SO much better!

After my glass of wine...MAMA is going to bed!

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