Sunday, January 02, 2011

Three 1/2 out of four "aint" it?

So my four GOALS for myself this year

1) Get to the gym at least three times a week (or exercise)
      I took the boys and little bailey pup-pup on a HUGE walk this afternoon and we were all tired when we got in. LOTS of nice fresh air, and it was good for all 4 of us. Both the boys got a Razor scooter for Christmas and they are AWESOME for taking walks around the apartment complex! THANK YOU SANTA!!


2) CHORE CHARTS...OH yeah BABY! and the boys were REALLY excited about them too! Who knew
     I found a great website with FREE printable charts that you can make custom. Each of the boys picked their theme and we added 5 chores for each boy. If you are looking for an EASY chore chart with cute themes check out this site.


3) BLOG a little as much as I can. honestly I have been Loving putting my thoughts down the last few days, it has been very therapeutic! Even if NO ONE reads what I am putting down it has been a little piece of sanity in the sea of motherhood and craziness! I know I have a few comments so SOMEONE read at least a few of my posts, and that made my day even more!


4) Make the boys clean up after themselves...Yeah it didn't happen with everything but I did make them take their PSP & DSI to their rooms.....BUT chore charts start tomorrow so I am cutting myself slack on this for tonight ;) honestly I THOUGHT they had cleaned up their dirty clothes and put them in the basket, but NOPE they are on the floor BY the basket. I really think that is a GUY thing because hubby does the same thing!

Boys are in BED....Bailey PUP-PUP is napping on the kitchen floor (not sure WHY I spent 3 hours MAKING her a princess dog bed), hubby went to see a movie & i am going to curl up with my blanket that is almost done drying in the dryer and watch a movie...

ALL is well at the Battaglia house


  1. Happy New Year!Just wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you for The Stylish Blogger Award

  2. Hello! Just stopped by from Bloggy Moms. So glad to have found your blog, looking forward to following and getting to know you!