Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tips for cleaning up around the house.........

Last week I did a post about 10 minute breaks......

Set a timer and see what you and your children can get done in 10 minutes. My Boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this!! I think with kids the key to cleaning is making it a game, or making it fun!!!

SO this week I want to see what YOUR tips are.....

Here is how this will work...

1. Read the post WHOHOOOO (you got the first one done)

2. Write a cleaning tip on your blog, letting others know about the DBCB challenge, and giving them a link back to us.

3. sign your name and DON'T forget to leave a comment.

We will be choosing 2 tips that are our favorites for a free Month advertising spot on the DBCB blog.

MOST OF ALL all the blog readers will have a great list of fun tips to help out around their houses!!!

It never fails...........

Kids get sick.............

Friday, March 28, 2008


From time to time you are scrolling through other blogs and you find an awesome, So much fun PARTY that you just HAVE to blog about it!!!!

While scrolling alone today, I stumbled on a FUN Blog party, and wanted to let others know about it as well!!!

So far over 100 blogs have done this and WOWOWOWOWOW that is a LOT of people checking out a party!!

I have found these AWESOME things and this my wish list, I SO hope I win!!

1. Olive Kids is giving a 5 pack of placemats (one winner)
2. Topless Under Shirt is giving one winner a blush undershirt
3. Natural Pod are offering a house play pack, with various items for imaginative house play to the value of $150.00 (what my boys would do for that OH YES my BOYS)
4. Positive Chicks is giving a Hoodie and tote

There are TONS of great things being given away SO DON'T take my things LOL!!!

Christine, Kristin, Amanda, and Shanda are the faces of Mommies United! ANd WOW do they have a TON of great info on their blogs! Workouts, trendy things for baby and MOM! VERY down to earth fun bloggin for the mom on a go or just a great place for info while sipping your coffee!

The party only has a few more day's but the blogs will be there even when all the prizes are gone!!!

Treat yourself to a little Something.......

This is an authentic scrabble tile embellished with high quality paper and sealed with a NON TOXIC coating. So it is definately safe for you to wear and safe for the environment.
Such a fun little find!!


I honestly think that Teacher Work days are a way to punish moms for choosing to be Work at home Moms!!!!! {LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF}

Ok not really, it just WOW does it throw off your whole "Schedule" when there is no school!! The kids are used to their 2 hors away from ME and from EACH OTHER and I get a LOT more done.

It is almost 9 amd I STILL have not gotten to make my coffee.
We have had 2 fights over the Wii already (that got taken away)
It is snowing outside IN THE END OF MARCH (can't go out)

If I get anything "DONE" today it might be a miracle!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I clicked on your bag but didn't buy. Why?

Because there were no dimensional measurements.
Because there was no picture of the inside.
Because there was no picture of someone holding it so I could see if it fit over a shoulder.
Because the person photographed holding it looked pissed,and I had to assume the bag made them mad.
Because the pictures are dark or fuzzy.
Because you tagged a wallet/pouch as a purse. ("purse" can mean wallet in other countries)

I'm purse shopping this morning and having a rough time finding what i'm looking for. There are an awful lot of folks creating cool purses, and i'm seeing things I like, but if any of the above statements are true about your purse, I moved on. I've been through over 40 pages and hundreds of clicks and haven't bought yet.

You only get one shot with a buyer.

Make it count!

Hope that helps someone out there selling rad purses!

I myself don't make totes, but I found this from a buyer today and asked her if I could blog it for others! Sometimes as a designer WE don't think about things the way other do....

Just on the chance you didn't know we were crazy before.......


The Monkies have OFFICIALY LOST THEIR MINDS!!!!!!!!!

Search POSHM for more great listings!

Here is a list of those who have started items at 99 cent









Keep checking back for more, there is NO telling who might go mad next!!!

BIGCRUMBS...Those pennys add up!!!

I signed up a while back for this and I have recieved $62.37 in my account so far! Those pennies are starting to add up! You can use if for MUCH more that just buying on Ebay! Most online shopping places if you sign in through this you will recieve a credit in your account. I have it set up to go right to my paypal and each month they pop it right in!!!

Check out this site to sign up it is EASY to get started, and I wouldn't blog it if I wasn't using it!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boutique and BABIES!!

There are SO many talented designers at DBCB and it is so hard to choose just ONE person to feature. I spend an hour looking through items trying to find ONE thing that stands out to me, but today I just can't so I decided to highlight baby items!!!
SO many moms LOVE unique, trendy items for their little ones that are not going to be seen on every child as you walk around town...... This is where Custom boutique items come into play.
Moms want things for BABY that are not like EVERYONE else, but they don't want to spend a fortune on items for a child growing like a weed. I know my boys were out of things faster than fast, and it seemed everytime I turned around we were buying a new size.
So here is a little list of items I have compiled for those who want to find a FUN, unique, and trendy look for that special little bundle of joy!

Your going to be out and about so why not pop a cute BIB on your little one that is FUN and screams LOOK AT ME!!!! There are quite a few designers who make these at DBCB but all are unique in their own way, and special for YOUR little one. If your little girl has hair, SHE DOESN'T need much, check out the CLIPS that will match every set you can think of!!! If they have NO hair try a cute hat. I know for my boys at times JUST a shirt will do, try just a shirt that is custom with your favorite pants for less expense.

For those moms who want to do ALL OUT there are MANY custom clothing sets available from MANY designers!!

Just remember that if you find a style or item you like but had a different color in mind......MOST DESIGNERS TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS! Don't ever be afraid to email a designer to see what she can pull out of her magic hat!!

MY Coffee cup.........I mean MUG.........

Before I can honestly figure out WHAT I am going to blog about today, I HAVE GOT to get my coffee!!!

Now for those of you who are COFFEE DRINKERS, you will be able to appreciate this. My children know that I AM NOT a morning person.

As My little guy puts it, "MOMMY, Why aren't you talking"


"Why do you say HUUU," he will say.


I can't feel inspired, or bubbly untill I get a little in me!!! SOOOOOOO that is why I LOVE my coffee MUG, I can't really call it a cip, because 2 of them hold the whole 10 pots!! OUR YET it is a seriose mug that says, " I LOVE COFFEE"

It came from a dear friend last year ( I think more people should send me gifts) NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE is aloud to use it, or even eye ball the thing.

OK so I am going to get it NOW and fill it to the top so I can get the insperation flowing for the day!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If at first you don't do it right.................

There is ALWAYS next time....

I KNOW for a fact that I am NOT the only one who has cut a pattern out backwards, sewn the wrong side together, sewn a hem with NO BOBBIN THREAD! Some days (with not enough coffee) I find myself making MORE mistakes than I care to think about.

The lack of sleep, combined with the the phone ringging off the hook, the sound of "Highschool Musical" playing for the 500th time, 5 IM messages popping up at once, the computer freezing in the middle of a blog post, changing the laundry around, vaccumming up the BOX of cereal on the living room floor, breaking another sewing machine needle, THE PHONE AGAIN, DOES NOT HELP while trying to concentrate on sewing ANYTHING not even a straigh line.........Did I mention I ran out of cream for my coffee, and made my hubby stop on the way home form work to get me more???

SO I leave you with this thought in hopes it will help someone other than myself today.......

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Henry Ford

Large Hand Dyed Play Silk Playsilk

Set of 6 large 35" x 35" hand-dyed play silks, in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. All silks are fully hemmed.8 mm silk habotai is a perfect weight for play - sturdy enough to stand up to children, floaty enough to make beautifully billowy capes, scarves, flags, and all the things children dream them to be.
The generous 35" x 35" size allows for versatile play, and the quality (measured in "momme" or mm) is the same 8 mm fine and durable quality as playsilks found in the best children's boutiques for a higher price.
Our happy buyers on that other site say:
"Beautiful silks rich colors. Fast shipping. Daughter LOVES them. Thank You!"
"Gorgeous silks, really delighted."
"Beautiful item! I am very impressed with the quality and speed."
"Highly recommend!! Fabulous Quality & Beautiful Bright Colors!! Awesome gift!"
"Perfect! Cant wait to give to my son! Thanks! Product as described! Great seller"
"Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! great price!!! THANK YOU for the special colors!!!"

Crochet Halter Top Patterns - Buy One Get One Half Off

Here is a chance to get two halter patterns for the price of one and a half! :)You will recieve the PDF files for the Braided Tie Halter Top Pattern and the Euro Hoot Halter Top Pattern (which also comes with the pattern for the cutest little crochet owl!)Spring is around the corner, it'll be halter top season before you know it. These are so fun to make, and they include instructions for ALL SIZES - get 'em now and start making halters for your family and friends. They're so simple to make, you'll want to make them in every color!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ginger Blossom Perfect for SPRING!

For your kind consideration is this Ginger Blossom Dress in longer length. Included are the Capri pants made from the tile fabric. Your measurements and payment must be sent before any work can begin. Thank you!

10 minute break CHALLENGE.........

I started my venture of Custom boutique items about 2 years ago. I was so tired of sitting at home in a small community unable to work and felt I need a little more for ME! I love being a stay at home mom, but at times you just need a person over the age of 5 to chat with!

My hobby went "POOF" in less than a year, and at this point at times can be hard to keep up with! I no longer see myself as a STAY at home mom, but a WORK at home mom. This seems to be the trend more moms are in right now, and I am sure that at times, as it is for me, it can be hard.

How do you jugle your family, husband, children, house work, and buisness all at once with only two hands?? (My husband says I have 12) How do you have enough time in the day to get it all done? When does it become fun agian instead of WORK?? As a Work at home mom I think we ALL ask these questions...

Try not to take on to much at once. MAKE time for your little ones as they will not be little forever.

I take 10 minute breaks to get things done! SO I want to challenge all of you to take a 10 minute break this week! Set a timer, and just clean for 10 minutes. Make it a game for the kids........who can clean up the most in that 10 minutes. I have found that I can get more done in 10 minutes with a timer on than I even though possible!

Turn on fun toons, dance with the kids while you fold the laundry, those 10 minutes will give you more energy than you think they will! Sometimes just getting ONE thing done will help get the others done as well.

So the Challenge is on...............What did you get done in your 10 minutes??? Let us know..........

Your 10 minutes starts NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

TONS of work.........

When you just LOOK at a blog you have NO IDEA how much goes into it!!!! I NEVER knew how much time I could porr into a PAGE {giggle}
I love blogging at times it can be so relaxing to just TYPE or post, but at other times, when i WANT to change things, I find it takes days................i stay happy with it all for a few weeks, then on the bigger and better things! It is like that with my house too....My husband has learned NEVER to be surprised if he walks in and the WHOLE livingroom has been changed.
SO pardon our "Mess" right now, I have been changing and adding things for days now and still don't have it where I want it all!

Are you a HOT MAMA???

'hot mama' is now available on an oversized box chain bracelet! antiqued sterling 7 1/2 inch box chain with toggle clasp and hot mama charms or any charm combination you wish. (contact me if you wish to customize a treasure of your own!) to purchase the 'hot mama' bracelet proceed to checkout.

Happy Easter............


The Silent One
Author: Mrs. V. Darlene Anderson

I was there for His trial and His scourging,
when they accused Him of crimes He'd not done;
But I spoke not a word in His defense,
I was "The Silent One."

I was there as He struggled up Calvary,
as dark clouds covered the sun;
And when they nailed His torn flesh to the cross,
I was "The Silent One."

I was there when they cast lots for His garment,
As they jeered and heckled in fun;
And when the spear was thrust deep in His side,
I was "The Silent One."

I saw Him die for all mankind,
And when it was "finished" and done;
He raised Himself up as He promised,
yet-I was "The Silent One."

And now,
everyday I encounter,
lost souls sent my way by God's Son;
Still I act as though I don't know Him,
I am "The Silent One."

Dear Lord, when at last I'm before you,
when my race on earth is run;
Will you speak up for me to the Father?
Or will YOU be "The Silent One?"

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Felling a bit..................Crabby??

He is going to be the talk of the boardwalk or anywhere this summer in this set. The fabric has so many silly sea creatures for him to enjoy, such as a whale, an octopus, Sailor Sam and his boat! With a mischievous crab on the front of the tee and some friendly fish friends on the shorts. And of course, a large pocket to hold his treasures.


We are riding in the car, and my 6 year old asks very loudly.................

"WHERE DOES the Easter Bunny live?"

Trying to come up with a brilliant answer I look over at my husband to see what he thinks when he responds back..................

"IN a hole"

WHAT I think a HOLE couldn't he come up with something a LITTLE better than that????

So then Alexander asks, "WELL where is the hole?"

Husband responds "It's a MAGIC HOLE, NO ONE knows where it is!"

Benjamin, who is 3 is intently listing to the whole conversation, pipes up fromt he back, "HE DOES NOT live in a HOLE"

Alexander respond, " YES HE DOES, Don't you know silly baby that all rabbits live in holes"

And with that We were happy.........

Friday, March 21, 2008

What are your FAVORITE Signs of spring??

As a designer I LOVE the colors!
BLUE, GREENS, ORANGES, I love the crispness of them, and I love the glow it puts on your skin when you wear them!
In NY it is still snowing! COLD ,COLD and WINDY, BUT the sun is shinning today and the boys have been out playing golf. In about 10 minutes they are cold and back in the house, but just that 10 minutes out in the fresh crisp air helps SO much with the cabin fever we are STILL having!
I am pulling out my Summer cottons with flowers, and tropical prints. Packing away the heavy cords, fleeces,and flannels.
Even with the headache I have, I am in a SPRING cleaning mode..........
I washed the finger prints off the glass door, KNOWING they will be back in about 2 minutes. {giggle} All the ironing is done, the house is clean. I have a little window open to let in a little "spring" air!
We are getting ready for family from out of town, and we are all a buzz about the Easter bunny.
So What are your favorite signs of Spring?? Leave a message in the comment box!!


Clip on the picture to go right to this STUNNING find!

The battle ............3 year old verse MOM!

Do they ever learn?
2 minutes means 2 minutes, and each time you leave your room it starts over!!!!!!!!
After throwing the banana bread on the floor because it didn't have enough butter on it.....he sat on the stairs. After screaming till my migrain was so bad my head felt it would split........he went to his room.
I sat on the bed with him explained that he had been naughty and that he had a 2 minute time out. The time would start when I set the timer, and if he stayed in his room he could have snuggles in only 2 minutes!
He screamed, he threw a fit, he wanted to come out ............HE CAME OUT!! The 2 minutes started over. We went through this for about 6 minutes, till he finaly stopped the screaming.
He sat there for the two minutes and then he came down for snuggles.
REMIND ME next time I watch Super Nanny that trying new things brings on BIG migraines!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sometimes you HAVE to find the possitive in sales!!!............

Is this how your sales have been????
Find the possitive....
1. Less to make
2. More time for ideas!!!!

TONS of great Spring and Summer items!

Clip on the picture to go right to this great launch!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

STUNNING Easter Eggs...............PERFECT for gifts!!


Easter Craft Idea for Kids or AdultsThread Egg Craft Instructions

These beautiful Easter eggs can be used as a decoration or surprise someone with an Easter gift. This is a perfect activity for scout troops, Sunday school, classroom projects, or make them at home as a family activity.
You'll Need:
Small oval balloons
Liquid starch or fabric stiffener
Embroidery floss or sewing thread

1. Inflate small oval balloons and tie the necks tightly.

2. Soak 12- to 24-inch lengths of embroidery floss or regular sewing thread (use one color or a variety of colors) in liquid starch or fabric stiffener. Pick up the wet thread and remove excess liquid between your thumb and forefinger.

3. Wrap the wet threads around the balloon one at a time. The thread will stick to the balloon without any additional glue or fastener. Cover the balloon by crisscrossing the threads any way you choose.

4. To dry your new egg, tie an additional piece of dry thread around the neck of the thread-wrapped balloon and hang it until it's dry and hard to the touch. Burst the balloon with a pin and pull the balloon out of the top of the Thread Egg. Place Thread Eggs in a basket or bowl.


Clip on the picture to go right to the items!

Craft shows.........

Well once again it is time for those .................craft shows.

I myself have 5 in the next 2 months.

Last week I had one and was SOOOO excited about it. I stayed up till 1:30 each night sewing, cutting, making, beading, bowing. I was MORE than tired, but ready for the show when it was time.

I got to the show set up and was ready to go, and we

WAITED.............and WAITED................

The show was dead! If there was another word I would say something else but I can't find another word to put there! The halls were confusing, the people didn't know how to get in and out........ At the end of the day I had a while $84 in my pocket.................. I made more than about 90% of the tables........

SO i chalk it up to this.

I got exposure...
I made a few sales.....
I had a day of just ME......
I got a few local orders.......
I found out about another craft show.....

ALl in all I guess the whole thing wasn't horrible............You live and learn, and hope you make back your table fee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008


Clip on the picture to go right to the items!

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you seen how many DBCB listings are on ETSY!?????
WOW tons of great items on there! Great job on all the listings!