Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A TRUE Gem to work with!!!

I KNOW I am not the only mom who is a LAST MINUTE creature, ther eis NO way I can be!!
Tonight it occured to em that with school out the last two days WE had FORGOTTEN to get birthday invitations for Benjamin's party next week! (above is a sample of the card that we got....however OURS included BOWLING PINS!! Click on the card to check out her other items!)
SOOOOOO I went hunting for a cute invitation and someone who would understand my LAST MINUTENESS (is that a word?)
I ran across this AWESOME seller on Etsy and within a few hours she had whipped up the PERFECT invitation for my little guy..
It is so NICE to run across people who have TRUE customer service, and I thought I would share with others her shop. I myself will be back there VERY soon for Christmas cards!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The MIDDLE Finger!!!

This is one of those stories that is just WAY to good NOT to share it.....

Dear Mrs Battaglia,

I wanted to be sure Alex brought home the paper he and I discussed yesterday. He had written once upon a time I told my brother to put up his middle finger. He told me he knows that it is bad and we discussed how you should never tell others to do bad things. He then came up to me and said I guess I don’t really know what putting the middle finger up means. I told him it was inappropriate and should never be done.

I just wanted to be sure you were aware of the situation. Let me know if you have any questions.

As a MOM that is just NOT an email you want to get from your sons teacher.....my little angel, my 7 year old, MY 2ND GRADER, the one who LISTENS, and is respectful. At that moment in time about 500 things when through my mind, and I just wasn't sure WHAT to think!!

When I picked my son up from school, I asked him...."Did your teacher give you a paper yesterday?"

His reply, "NO"

"Did you write a sentence in school that you got in trouble for"

THE FLOOD GATE OPENED! Eyes wide, and tears began to roll......

"MOM, I will tell you the WHOLE STORY"

"We were at the lunch table, and one of the boys said, You should NEVER put up your middle finger. I asked him WHY, and he said he didn't know WHY, but that it was very BAD. One of the other boys, HE KNEW what is meant...."

"AND.......", I replied

"He said that if you get someone to put their middle finger up................................"THEY WILL HAVE TWO WHOLE DAYS OF BAD LUCK!!!"

At this point I WAS in tears!!!!!!! Trying not to laugh while my little guy explain the rest of the story.....

"MOM I didn't want to bring the paper home, because when I got home I told my brother to put his finger up so I would win the football game.............I didn't want you to know..........THAT I CHEATED!!!!"

I couldn't hold back the laughing at this point....my son HAD NO IDEA what the "MIDDLE FINGER" was all about!!! When the teacher had asked if he knew it was BAD, he replied "YES" because WHAT 7 YEAR OLD wants 2 days of bad luck!!!

We talked about the "middle' finger, and my 7 year old discovered it was like saying a BAD word...He was SOOO upset!

As adults, we have had all the innocence taken from us. At 7 life is So simple, and BAD LUCK is the worst thing in WHOLE world!!

I am glad that as a MOM I was able to give the teacher just a tiny piece of innocence from a child.....so often we are QUICK to jump without an explanation.........


After seeing the SOLD out cupcake from pottery barn go for over $300 MANY times, I thought ...THIS IS CRAZY!!
here is our take on the cupcake at a FRACTION of the price!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Moose Lodge knit hoodie

Sleeve cuffs and hood are made with a brown and white knit and the back and front panels are made from a super cute Moose knit material. Knits are light weight and VERY soft!

Created in sizes 2-8 boys

Auction starting at $9.99!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Layla Grace EBAY auction..PLEASE help us by spreading the word and bidding!!


Over 100 Designers have come together for this...

Please help us spread the word


On ebay

Oct 6 and Oct 20th

All Money rasied goes to help this little angel and her family!!!

Layla has always been a healthy child, 80th percentile for weight, a great eater, a great sleeper. She is sweet as pie and a little cuddle monkey (she won’t let you put her down!). She has a very advanced vocab for her age which really helps us manage her pain and give her what she needs as her care continues.
Layla had a great 15 month checkup. At around 16 months her sleep habits and appetite started to change and she started to become more irritable. Mid March appetite began to decrease. At the time we thought we were dealing with a “picky eater”. Beginning of May Layla woke up one morning with a swollen eye. We took her to the doctor and she was treated for an ear infection and the doctor said the swelling was just a result of the ear infection. At the same time we noted that her belly was hard and somewhat distended. She had not had a bowel movement for a few days and we were concerned that she was becoming constipated.
The next day we took her to the pediatrician who put her on Mirilax over the weekend and told us to call back Monday. By Monday morning she was not eating at all, still no dirty diaper, her activity level had decreased and was rubbing her belly and lower back and saying “owie”.
Our pediatrician referred us to a GI specialist to see why she was so constipated and wasn’t eating. On Thursday May 7th as we sat in GI specialists office expecting to be told that Layla would need some kind of treatment for constipation we instead hear words like “Cancer” and “Leukemia”. A series of X-rays and tests were ordered and we were sent home to wait on the results.
That evening about five minutes after we walked in the door we got an urgent call from the GI specialist telling us that the test results were in, that things were not good and that we were to bring Layla into the ER immediately and that a team of doctors would be waiting for us.
Layla has a massive cancerous tumor (Stage 4 Neuroblastoma) in her abdomen. It extends from above her left kidney, around her side, over her belly and wraps around her aorta. In addition, the cancer is in her bone marrow.
Our sweet Layla went from normal happy and healthy to lethargic, in pain, and skin and bones in a matter of a week and a half.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The ULTIMATE Cupcake Costume!

The ULTIMATE Cupcake Costume!! Made to match Gymboree
This is perfect for Halloween, and Birthdays!