Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This week I say .......YES!!

I was inspired by another blogger for this post, and I hope it will inspire others as well!!

Thank you The B.M.C. Report, I loved your blog post so here is mine.....

I say YES to a chocolate bar...I deserve one!
I say yes to remaining calm at homework time.
I say yes to 5 more minutes of snuggling before sending them off to bed.
I say yes to making sure that my I tell my boys "I LOVE YOU" each day
I say yes to making sure my boys know that GOD loves them too!
I say yes to stopping to smell the fresh cut grass even if only for a second.
I say yes to marveling at the beautiful sun God made for us.
I say yes to getting ALL the laundry done.
I say yes to a fun walk with the family each afternoon.
I say yes to inspiring others
I say yes to find a positive in every situation
I say yes to giggling
I say yes to learning something NEW
I say yes to making sure I blog each day with SOMETHING even if it isn't a huge post.

What do YOU say yes to? 


  1. LOVE LOVE your list!! I am with you on the chocolate bar. I think I deserve one too :)

  2. I love this list!!! :D

    Following from BM!


  3. Just did a HUGE thank you to you on my blog for my award!
    Thank you so much, so very appreciated!

  4. Thank you for the inspiration...this will be one of my first personal blog posts on my blog...I am so glad that I went to the SAHM group on bloggy mom as I was looking for something fun and inspirational and was not feeling creative this morning.


  5. I gotta agree on the chocolate...it is my friend. :0)

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    Have a blessed Thursday!!