Wednesday, January 05, 2011

From now on ...YOUR DOING IT ALONE!!

When I was a kid there was no structure when it came to homework. no one to help if you had a question, and so most of the time I was trying to get Vocab done at lunch before running into the class. if I got part of it done I was happy. I didn't care about grades, because I honestly didn't know to care about them. NO ONE in my family ever graduated form high-school, much less went off to was the norm. Do just enough to pass and after a few years your done.

THIS IS NOT the approach I take with my kids. I see how much that HURT me and I want the best for them so home-work and school are a HUGE thing to me because of this.

Each day the boys get home we sit at the table go through folders, talk about school, eat a snack, then start homework.

We recently moved from CT to Arizona...meaning GREAT AWESOME SCHOOLS to...well not so great :(
My third grader is VERY advanced, (this goes back to the above part)...he is working on 5th grade math and reading on a fifth grade level. We brought testing scores with us when we moved to have him placed in the advance program but were told it didn't start until 4th grade...the poor child was BORED TO TEARS in school. When I approached the teacher about it after two weeks at the school her words to me were...."Alex needs to take  a chill pill, he is working WAY above the other kids and I don't have time to give him anything more to work on. I have 28 other children in the class, so if you could talk to him and let him know that he is going to have to learn to have FUN here and not  work so hard that would be great"

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!?!?!?!??!
and so the following day we started looking for a NEW school for our boys!

We are now at an AWESOME charter school in the area, and the boys are LOVING it. They work at a MUCH faster pace, and are a grade level ahead of task...PERFECT for us!!

Benjamin is 6 and in Kindergarten. Yeah we kept BOTH our boys back that extra year because first THEY ARE BOYS, and second they have really late birthdays so to us it was worth it!

Yesterday Benjamin had 2 math work sheets, a book to read and he had to write each of his 12 spelling words once each. This is a lot for him since he got chucked into the school mid year and has had honestly a 2 month vacation from school when you think about it....The move, the school he was doing Nothing in here, then Christmas break. So I sat with him and kept repeating ...up to the ceiling DOWN to the basement as he wrote the letters. With  each letter that he didn't make correctly we would erase and try agian...

This was followed with ....TEARS, GROANING, and I Cant's...

Three words in, I honestly had lost every ounce of patience I could muster and so I told him I was going to go finish the laundry and would check on him in a few minutes....

I started folding and putting away, and about 2 minutes latter I was greated with a BUBBLY BOUNCING BOY and a paper.......

THAT WAS ALL FINISHED and the letters looked great.....

Today when the boys get home, we will sit down, eat our snack, talk about out day, look at folders, and then.....


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