Monday, January 03, 2011

Dear HUBBY....

I am writing you a 2011 GOALS list, because  I KNOW you won't write one for yourself!

1) I will start dropping my dirty clothing IN the basket not BY the basket. I know my wife would LOVE me forever and it would save her a LOT of time each day.
2) I will remember to put the seat down so that when my wife goes to the bathroom at 4:00Am after walking the dog, and is nice enough NOT to turn on the lights to wake me up, she doesn't fall in!
3) I will stop emptying my electric razor in the sink and all over the cabinet without cleaning it up..I bet that would save teh wife a lot of time too!
4) I will take my drink glass into the kitchen at  night so that the puppy doesn't spill it on the floor in the morning.

HONESTY I would be SOOO beyond thrilled if you could stick with the plan! it would mean the world to me...

OH and while you're at it ...

WILL YOU PLEASE BRING HOME SOME WD-40 so that the fridge and the bedroom door Stop MAKING THAT HORRIBLE NOISE when I open and close them....I really can't take it anymore. You are in fact a manager at Home-Depot and I KNOW they sell it there!

Love your Devoted wife,

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  1. Great idea! Funny. =)

    I found your blog from bloggy moms. I hope you also check out and follow my blog. I’m your new follower.