Saturday, January 01, 2011

A few MUST join websites for the new year!

It's a new year, and so many of us have made goals we hope to keep. One of my goals is to make sure that I go the gym at least 3 times a week and since it is about 40 feet from my door there is NO excuse for me to not be able to do this...

THE OTHER is to SAVE our family money AS MUCH as possible!!


There are so many great websites out there that can help do this, and a few that I LOVE that I want to share with you!

After our move I tried to find ways to get more BANG for our BUCK since Christmas was right around the corner and I wanted to make sure we had money to spend but that we weren't wasting it in the process.

I told you about SwagBucks one of my FAVORITE sites...From September to December I was able to make over $200 in Amazon cards and this was a BULK of the boys Christmas this year!! I have a $5 amazon giveaway going on that has only 2 ENTRIES right now so make sure you check it out for a chance to win!

The second site i fell in LOVE with over the Christmas holiday was LilLuxe. Each day new deals are posted and the savings are OUT OF THIS WORLD!! We bought quite a few things on this site for the boys and other kiddo we needed to shop for. They have deals on some of the BEST brands ever. So worth signing up just to get the newsletter even if you only purchase once or twice a year!

Site number three and this one is a GREAT one for MOMS & DADS!! EVERSAVE So many great deals on this site. Another great one to sign up for to see the deals in YOUR area!!

From time to time as I find other sites that I think are a MUST to help others save, I will post them. make sure you check these sites out..I am almost POSITIVE you will be glad you did!


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  2. Newest follower. Thanks for the tips. Will have to check them out.


  3. Hi found you on Bloggy Moms and I just joined swag bucks 48hrs ago...I'm going to look at the other awesome sites you suggested..I'm also google frd following :-) looking forward to your post in 2011.