Sunday, January 02, 2011

Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

In September a friend of mine told me about a website she thought I should check out. I love blog giveaways, and I am a coupon queen, but I am NOT a fan of point system websites that require you to do things to win prizes. many are just scams, and you do so many "levels" and never end up getting enough points to get anything. Never the less I looked into the site and joined it to check it out for myself.

I joined on September the 1st, and by the first week in December I had $225 in Amazon gift cards! There are SOOO many other things you can "purchase" with your points, but the amazon cards were my FAVORITE!

The program is set up to help members actually win MANY points. Even if you are just searching a few times a day with their search bar you should be able to make enough points to win at LEAST one $5 amazon card a month! If you start NOW by next Christmas you should have a nice "bank" put together for Christmas shopping.

Members download a tool bar and use it to do their searching online. You are rewarded at random for searching and your points go into your account. You can also win points for codes that are posted somewhere on the site each day, for doing surveys, and for doing tasks. Get your friends to join and you win gain points even faster because you will win the points your friends win up to the first 1000 points!

The program is FREE to join, and will cost you NOTHING to use...just be prepared that you will be spending more time on the computer ;)

To get you started I am giving away a $5 Amazon Gift code. It will not expire so you can add it to your Amazon account and keep adding until Christmas 2011!!


Check out Swag bucks

if you are not a member then SIGN UP, if you are a member then just tell me what you like to "purchase" with your points.

EXTRA WAYS TO WIN: leave a separate entry for each item you do.

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I have not been compensated for this review in any way. Price is one that I have won from swag bucks on my own, it was not donated in any way for this review. This Review is not sponsored by the program in any way!


  1. I'm a member of swagbucks. I'm with you, I like amazon giftcards, so versatile!

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    Thanks for your time!

  4. I am a member and I always buy the Amazon gift cards so my husband can use them for Kindle books!


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