Saturday, March 22, 2008


We are riding in the car, and my 6 year old asks very loudly.................

"WHERE DOES the Easter Bunny live?"

Trying to come up with a brilliant answer I look over at my husband to see what he thinks when he responds back..................

"IN a hole"

WHAT I think a HOLE couldn't he come up with something a LITTLE better than that????

So then Alexander asks, "WELL where is the hole?"

Husband responds "It's a MAGIC HOLE, NO ONE knows where it is!"

Benjamin, who is 3 is intently listing to the whole conversation, pipes up fromt he back, "HE DOES NOT live in a HOLE"

Alexander respond, " YES HE DOES, Don't you know silly baby that all rabbits live in holes"

And with that We were happy.........

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