Friday, March 21, 2008

The battle ............3 year old verse MOM!

Do they ever learn?
2 minutes means 2 minutes, and each time you leave your room it starts over!!!!!!!!
After throwing the banana bread on the floor because it didn't have enough butter on it.....he sat on the stairs. After screaming till my migrain was so bad my head felt it would split........he went to his room.
I sat on the bed with him explained that he had been naughty and that he had a 2 minute time out. The time would start when I set the timer, and if he stayed in his room he could have snuggles in only 2 minutes!
He screamed, he threw a fit, he wanted to come out ............HE CAME OUT!! The 2 minutes started over. We went through this for about 6 minutes, till he finaly stopped the screaming.
He sat there for the two minutes and then he came down for snuggles.
REMIND ME next time I watch Super Nanny that trying new things brings on BIG migraines!!!

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