Thursday, March 27, 2008

I clicked on your bag but didn't buy. Why?

Because there were no dimensional measurements.
Because there was no picture of the inside.
Because there was no picture of someone holding it so I could see if it fit over a shoulder.
Because the person photographed holding it looked pissed,and I had to assume the bag made them mad.
Because the pictures are dark or fuzzy.
Because you tagged a wallet/pouch as a purse. ("purse" can mean wallet in other countries)

I'm purse shopping this morning and having a rough time finding what i'm looking for. There are an awful lot of folks creating cool purses, and i'm seeing things I like, but if any of the above statements are true about your purse, I moved on. I've been through over 40 pages and hundreds of clicks and haven't bought yet.

You only get one shot with a buyer.

Make it count!

Hope that helps someone out there selling rad purses!

I myself don't make totes, but I found this from a buyer today and asked her if I could blog it for others! Sometimes as a designer WE don't think about things the way other do....

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