Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MY Coffee cup.........I mean MUG.........

Before I can honestly figure out WHAT I am going to blog about today, I HAVE GOT to get my coffee!!!

Now for those of you who are COFFEE DRINKERS, you will be able to appreciate this. My children know that I AM NOT a morning person.

As My little guy puts it, "MOMMY, Why aren't you talking"


"Why do you say HUUU," he will say.


I can't feel inspired, or bubbly untill I get a little in me!!! SOOOOOOO that is why I LOVE my coffee MUG, I can't really call it a cip, because 2 of them hold the whole 10 pots!! OUR YET it is a seriose mug that says, " I LOVE COFFEE"

It came from a dear friend last year ( I think more people should send me gifts) NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE is aloud to use it, or even eye ball the thing.

OK so I am going to get it NOW and fill it to the top so I can get the insperation flowing for the day!!!!

1 comment:

  1. My name is Corinna and I am a coffee-a-holic. My mug says "The Boss", and no one touches it. LOL
    Don't talk to me til I've had two mugs of coffee either.