Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter............


The Silent One
Author: Mrs. V. Darlene Anderson

I was there for His trial and His scourging,
when they accused Him of crimes He'd not done;
But I spoke not a word in His defense,
I was "The Silent One."

I was there as He struggled up Calvary,
as dark clouds covered the sun;
And when they nailed His torn flesh to the cross,
I was "The Silent One."

I was there when they cast lots for His garment,
As they jeered and heckled in fun;
And when the spear was thrust deep in His side,
I was "The Silent One."

I saw Him die for all mankind,
And when it was "finished" and done;
He raised Himself up as He promised,
yet-I was "The Silent One."

And now,
everyday I encounter,
lost souls sent my way by God's Son;
Still I act as though I don't know Him,
I am "The Silent One."

Dear Lord, when at last I'm before you,
when my race on earth is run;
Will you speak up for me to the Father?
Or will YOU be "The Silent One?"

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