Friday, March 21, 2008

What are your FAVORITE Signs of spring??

As a designer I LOVE the colors!
BLUE, GREENS, ORANGES, I love the crispness of them, and I love the glow it puts on your skin when you wear them!
In NY it is still snowing! COLD ,COLD and WINDY, BUT the sun is shinning today and the boys have been out playing golf. In about 10 minutes they are cold and back in the house, but just that 10 minutes out in the fresh crisp air helps SO much with the cabin fever we are STILL having!
I am pulling out my Summer cottons with flowers, and tropical prints. Packing away the heavy cords, fleeces,and flannels.
Even with the headache I have, I am in a SPRING cleaning mode..........
I washed the finger prints off the glass door, KNOWING they will be back in about 2 minutes. {giggle} All the ironing is done, the house is clean. I have a little window open to let in a little "spring" air!
We are getting ready for family from out of town, and we are all a buzz about the Easter bunny.
So What are your favorite signs of Spring?? Leave a message in the comment box!!

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