Friday, March 28, 2008


I honestly think that Teacher Work days are a way to punish moms for choosing to be Work at home Moms!!!!! {LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF}

Ok not really, it just WOW does it throw off your whole "Schedule" when there is no school!! The kids are used to their 2 hors away from ME and from EACH OTHER and I get a LOT more done.

It is almost 9 amd I STILL have not gotten to make my coffee.
We have had 2 fights over the Wii already (that got taken away)
It is snowing outside IN THE END OF MARCH (can't go out)

If I get anything "DONE" today it might be a miracle!!!

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  1. lol. I feel the same way about those days off from school! If you have a chance, check this out...