Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boutique and BABIES!!

There are SO many talented designers at DBCB and it is so hard to choose just ONE person to feature. I spend an hour looking through items trying to find ONE thing that stands out to me, but today I just can't so I decided to highlight baby items!!!
SO many moms LOVE unique, trendy items for their little ones that are not going to be seen on every child as you walk around town...... This is where Custom boutique items come into play.
Moms want things for BABY that are not like EVERYONE else, but they don't want to spend a fortune on items for a child growing like a weed. I know my boys were out of things faster than fast, and it seemed everytime I turned around we were buying a new size.
So here is a little list of items I have compiled for those who want to find a FUN, unique, and trendy look for that special little bundle of joy!

Your going to be out and about so why not pop a cute BIB on your little one that is FUN and screams LOOK AT ME!!!! There are quite a few designers who make these at DBCB but all are unique in their own way, and special for YOUR little one. If your little girl has hair, SHE DOESN'T need much, check out the CLIPS that will match every set you can think of!!! If they have NO hair try a cute hat. I know for my boys at times JUST a shirt will do, try just a shirt that is custom with your favorite pants for less expense.

For those moms who want to do ALL OUT there are MANY custom clothing sets available from MANY designers!!

Just remember that if you find a style or item you like but had a different color in mind......MOST DESIGNERS TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS! Don't ever be afraid to email a designer to see what she can pull out of her magic hat!!

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