Wednesday, March 19, 2008

STUNNING Easter Eggs...............PERFECT for gifts!!


Easter Craft Idea for Kids or AdultsThread Egg Craft Instructions

These beautiful Easter eggs can be used as a decoration or surprise someone with an Easter gift. This is a perfect activity for scout troops, Sunday school, classroom projects, or make them at home as a family activity.
You'll Need:
Small oval balloons
Liquid starch or fabric stiffener
Embroidery floss or sewing thread

1. Inflate small oval balloons and tie the necks tightly.

2. Soak 12- to 24-inch lengths of embroidery floss or regular sewing thread (use one color or a variety of colors) in liquid starch or fabric stiffener. Pick up the wet thread and remove excess liquid between your thumb and forefinger.

3. Wrap the wet threads around the balloon one at a time. The thread will stick to the balloon without any additional glue or fastener. Cover the balloon by crisscrossing the threads any way you choose.

4. To dry your new egg, tie an additional piece of dry thread around the neck of the thread-wrapped balloon and hang it until it's dry and hard to the touch. Burst the balloon with a pin and pull the balloon out of the top of the Thread Egg. Place Thread Eggs in a basket or bowl.

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  1. We made ours today!!!! TONS of fun! They are messy, but OH so worth it.