Sunday, October 01, 2006

Interview with bow maker: DARCY (too*precious*bows)

How long have you been selling Hairbows? Since March of this year

What is your FAVORITE thing about making bows? It relaxes me and it's fun thinking up new and different ideas.

What is the MOST you have ever sold a set of bows for? $23.50 for my Grinch bows that I recently listed. WHOO HOOO!

Do you remember the first set of bows you sold? How much did they go for, and what did they look like? Yes, and it's quite embarrassing, they were green and white for St. Patrick's Day. They sold for $6.99 which also included a green and clear Swarovski crystal bling and that was after I lowered the price from $8.99! LOL

I wanted to start BowCrazy after being upset from being turned down from other groups. The idea was brewing in my mind for a awhile but when Nichole (bow*licious*designs) mentioned doing some friendly competition in different bow discussion group, the idea was born. I wanted the group to be a way for bow makers of all experience levels to get noticed and learn from each other. I started the group Easter weekend of this year and my partner in crime, Nichole, became my moderator. We currently have 16 total members and we do regular themed launches and occasional bow challenges. Our next planned launch is scheduled for Oct. 9 and the launch name is 'Tis the Season. We also have a challenge coming up on Oct. 18 and all the bows will begin at 99 cents.