Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I would rather be sick MYSELF......NOT the kids!!!

Sunday night we ended up in the ER so sorry I have not gotten to post much on the blog!

My 3 year old woke up at about 9 coughing, and gasping for air. Our oldest is an asthmatic so we have a nebulizer here and tried that as well as sitting on the pourch for 15 minutes.

When after about 45 minutes we couldn't get him to breath right and he was crying and striding still I pop him in the car and brought him right to the ER.........

NOW IT NEVER FAILS ..........you walk in the ER door and he is doing so much better!!!!!!!!

They took us right in, gave him a room, and were so nice to him. One nurse brought meds, One brought him a bracelet (LOL his pride and joy!) one brought cereal, one brought milk, they waited on him hand and foot, and HE LOVED IT!!!

By the time the 3rd Doctor had come in to see what HE thought. Benjamin was doing much better, meds had kicked in and they told us we would be able to go home!!!!

I told them, "WE just came for cereal" LOL The Doctor said "OH WE KNOW, Happens all the time"

We have a bad case of croop, and broncial spasms, but we are doing better~

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