Wednesday, February 13, 2008

INTERVIEW with Samantha from WINKELF...

Hi Sharlene,

When did you start Winkelf?

I started WinkElf about a year and a half ago.
Remember the last big fee hike???

Why did you start Winkelf?

For those who don't know me, I am a children's artist and I design ecommerce websites for sellers who want to get off-eBay. Starting your own website is expensive and a lot of work. I was always being asked if I had "smaller" less expensive stores.

When eBay raised it's fees I realized that without another venue we were all at their mercy. Why promote eBay when we can promote ourselves? I definitely had the web skills to do it... I shut my eBay store and built my own site where stores are free, listing is free and we have public/private groups available too!

Are you stay at home mom?

Yes, my daughter Tabytha just started half days jk this year. Thank goodness... she was wearing me out!
I also have a son Austin in grade six.

Do you design, and what?

By profession I am a web designer. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter I discovered that I had natural artistic abilities and started painting children's art. When I needed to build myself a website, I learned ecommerce... the combination of art, ecommerce and web design were a perfect match.

I still paint... but now I do it more for myself than for others. I'm not good at selling my original pieces as I always fall in love with them. I'd be a starving artist if I couldn't offer high quality prints on canvas that look just like the real thing.

How long have you been a designer?

All my life I guess. I was always re-designing my room as a kid. Officially, as a web designer, the summer of 1996 when my son was born. As an artist, the fall of 2002 when pregnant with my daughter.

What was your major in school?

Science and math.
Then later switching to arts and archeology.

What are your goals for Winkelf?

To have a welcoming place dedicated to our love for handmade boutique items. Where designers can promote and sell their goods without selling the farm to pay their fees. I even added a Shop by Group page to promote our boutique items on eBay too! And we cross promote with GoogleBase and MSN Live Products so that you're listings are seen wordwide.

Google -
MSN Live Products -

It's so hard for us moms to stay at home and support our families.
We work 24/7... plus!

Right now, my goal is to move the website to a bigger server since the current one overloaded yesterday. LOL! It's a good thing... it means the site is busy.

Who inspires you?

My daughter... she is so creative! I wish I had that kind freedom of expression. Tabytha is the second little witch in TwoLittleWitches.

Thanks for inviting me to chat with you all at DBCB.
Hopefully I'll see you all on WinkElf too!

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