Friday, February 01, 2008

EBAY at it again ............WHAT CAN WE DO???

SO many think that boycotting ebay for a week will help, but when we REALLY THINK ABOUT IT this is going to do nothing! I am not saying STOP selling on ebay, I don't plan to just yet either LOL

Sad as it is Ebay has gotten ahold of all of us and we are stuck in the grasp!

WHAT WE CAN DO, is branch out EVEN MORE!
DBCB has brought so many listings to Etsy, and NOW my goal is to help Samantha do JUST that at WILKELF!!!

I myself so not know Samamntha, but I have been on her site for over a year, and I LOVE how it works. I love that it is easy to use, and that it is more exposure for me as a designer! She has a great site, but I think she needs us to help her make it even more great! TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!! BRING YOUR BUYERS, and open a store over at winkelf!

The cost to have a store there is even cheaper than ETSY! and it is for US the boutique community! Open a store and tell your buyers that you have. I know many of you have newsletters, I KNOW I DO!!! I am listing as much as I can on the site, and then I will be emailing my newsletters "groupies"


Anyone who opens a store, and lists 2 items will get a free linked add on the DBCB blog, just email me a link to your store and a link to your logo!! SIMPLE EASY AND FREE!!!

THIS is what will hurt ebay, not pulling your listings for a week!

Check it out lady, $5!!!! That is all! and you can list till you can list no more!!!


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  1. I am up for the Challenge.

    Oililla Shoppe!

    Oililla Add Image!