Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So MANY times we complain ......YET do nothing about it!!!

I know I am guilty of this SAME thing! We I am PUTTING MY FEET DOWN!!!!!

DBCB is going to ROCK the small boutique listing sites!!!

If you are looking for a place to list that isn't going to BREAK the bank, here are two sites that are JUST what you are looking for!!!!!

DBCB is taking on these small sites to get them out to the public. We will be LISTING on these sites, and showing our support by BUYING as well!!!!

Check out these small sites, because the more we list the more people will visit.

HOW do you think EBAY got started????

Boutique Village

$5 for a store that you can JAM PACKED!

Samantha has done an AWESOME job on this site and she continues to add things to it and change it up for the people on the site. There are not a ton of things on the site right now SO LETS CHANGE THAT!!! When I send out my newsletter this month to the 80 people on it I will be including my store here!!! The more of us who list there, and tell others about the site the more people will know about it!!!


Boutique Savvy

New to the world of boutique sites! I have listed a few things on this site and plan to list more latter this week! Sign up and see what you think.


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