Sunday, December 26, 2010

The True Meaning of Gift Giving

So I haven't been on in a WHILE to blog, but my goal is to get back into blogging with the new year. We moved from CT to Arizona in November due to an ilness my oldest son has. he needed the warmer weather and WOW did we ever get it! Christmas morning we were outsidw in flip flops soaking in the sun!

Due to the move right before Christmas money was tighter than EVER this year. Not only did we spend $1000's on the move, we also had a few $1000 stole in the move by the movers. Needless to say the boys were a bit worried about 'BUYING" Christmas for family members to send in the mail. This prompted "having the talk" with the boys to explain to them about true gift giving.

WE decided to MAKE gifts for family members. Fun braclets for nana, and my sister in law. The boy LOVED picking the beads for each person! We also made fun little cards for Nana since she likes to write letters. Each boy picked 6 fabrics and we covered the fronts of the blank cards to make a CUTe set of stationary for her.

I want my boys to realize that gift giving is from the heart. It isn't about how much you spent, but about the love and time you put into the gift and to us making handmade gifts was the best way to show them this.

The iVillage #HaveTheTalk campaign is super important especially during the holidays.
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  1. Great job, good luck! I love the homemade gift ideas!