Saturday, May 15, 2010


ALL little boys LOVE to dress up like SUPER HEROS...even if they don't know who Batman, Superman, or any other BIG heros are they Love to tie a sheet or fabric around their neck and run around like they are flying!

It came to my attention that a little boy the same age as my youngest son has just started a battle with cancer. A cape was needed for SUPER SAM. A cape to help this SUPER little boy through a tough time in his life.

WE were HONORED to take the task! My boys helped pick out fabrics, and after a few hours of playing with the design this SUPER cape was made!! Fun red satin with silver satin liner, a colar that can POP up or lay flat, and S S on the back for SUPER SAM!

There will be many more in the future! The boys are planning their very own now, and we will be making them for a few other children who are fighting battles with cancer as well.

Super Sam we are praying for you and you for your family! We hope you LOVE your cape as much as we loved making it!

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