Monday, July 21, 2008

10 minute cleaning challenge!

Last week i got NO cleaning done....and neither did anyone else in my house. Since I was out cold on the couch for a week with kidney stones, the house NEEDED to be SCRUBBED!!!!!!!!!
So this morning EARLY I started cleaning........ and I am STILL working on it! LOL

I found this GREAT page on cleaning, with tips, and lots of great info and wanted to share with others...

Don't forget to do you 10 minute challenge.........For those of you who haven't read about our 10 minute challenges here is a little cap...

1. Decide what you wnat to work on BUT DON'T DO IT ALONE get your kids to help to!!
2. Start some FUN music...
3. Set a timer for 10 minutes
4. Race the clock to see what you can get done in 10 minutes...

YOU might be surprised just how much you can get done in that short amount of time!!

We will be working on one in about 15 minutes!
I plan to get the kids going on helping with the laundry...matching socks, and putting away thier own clothing.

Let us know what you did for your 10 minute challenge!!,,DIY_26336_68432,00.html

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