Sunday, July 22, 2007

THe 3 FALL Accessry trends

Three fool-proof pieces to get you geared up for fall's new looks -- without splurging on an entire outfit.
By Lisa Kovalovich

Sure, the weather is still steamy, but women in the know are already scouting out the top trends and looks for fall. And now's the perfect time to do this, when the best pieces are hitting the stores and the selection is great! Read on for our three favorite accessory trends. They're an easy, affordable way to get a jump on your fall wardrobe update.

The New Bag: A Luxe Satchel
It's time to pack away the summery canvas and straw totes and go for a richer, more fall-appropriate look. This season, the two-handled satchel is still big news; with its medium-length handles and roomy interior, the satchel is a great everyday bag. But it's been updated and reinvented in luxe new materials. Splurge on a satchel in antiqued textures, velvet, or distressed leather. For a feisty flavor, look for a satchel with metal grommets.

The New Shoe: A Metallic Pump
Metallic has been chic since last fall -- in fact, odds are you already have a pair of metallic sandals or a metallic bag. For this season, that trend is still going strong, but it's interpreted in a new way: as a pump. Look for metallic pumps in shades of copper, gunmetal, and even dark green. We love stiletto pumps with slender heels and rounded toes, which make them both trendy and wearable. Just remember to leave the shiny bag at home -- only one metallic piece at a time.

The New Necklace: An Oversized Pendant
Necklaces have been big news for the past few seasons, and this fall is no different. But what is different is the look of the necklace: Where summer was all about multiple strands of beads and stones, fall favors a large pendant on a chain. Look for pendants in rich metals with gold hues, varnished wood, or semiprecious stones. Just be sure not to layer on too much additional jewelry -- less is more!
Originally published on, July 2005.

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