Monday, January 08, 2007


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Theme: April 'Showers bring May Flowers

The team must incorporate a flower idea into the set. Either by using the actual flower say a rose in the design or a twist on the word - Dogwood - having a dog theme set!

Picture of inspiration flower must be stated somewhere in the auction.

Launch date would be week of May 1st

Launch limited to the first 20 designers and then we would open it up to the first 20 buyers.

Designers would need to state boy or girl or both.

I would then ask for the first x number of boy buyers and the first x number of girl buyers who sign up would be paired by the MODS -

This launch is limited to those designers who work with fabric for sets.

The buyer will buy up to 6 yrds of fabric - the design would be discussed between the partners and then the yardage determined.

Designer will then mail the completed set to the buyer.

Buyer will have 2 wks to take pictures and get the pics to the designer to list the Custom auction.

Designer will keep all proceeds from auction.

Buyer will keep the set.

TIMELINE: January 8th sign up begins to the first 20 designers posted. Watch for start time on the board

January 9th sign up begins for the first 20 buyers posted. Watch for start time on the board

January 22- contact between partners to be made and design planning started, if not started already

February 22 all fabric to designerApril 9 Set delivered to BuyerApril 23 completed pictures to designer

May 1-6 Designer List setAny designer that receives fabric and then does NOT participate - Keeping the fabric - will be removed from this board and reported to all other boutique boards' MODS.

Get ready for some fun!

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